Vishvajit Pandya

Vishvajit Pandya
Vishvajit Pandya
PhD (Anthropology), University of Chicago, USA

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# 2105, FB-2, DA-IICT, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India – 382007


Material Culture, Design and Communication Culture, Visual Anthropology, Anthropology of Space, Rituals and History with specific reference to Colonialism South East Asia


  • “Movement and Space: Andamanese Cartography” In American Ethnologist.17 (4) pp775-797
  • Above the Forest; A Study of Andamanese Ethnoanemology, Cosmology and the Power of Ritual. Oxford University Press. New Delhi.(ISBN 019562971x)
  • “Time to move: winds and the political economy of space in Andamanese culture” Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute. (NS) Special Issue S91-S104 April pp; 591-604.
  • In the Forest: Visual and Material Worlds of Andamanese History (1858-2003). Marryland: University Press of America.
  • ‘Through lens and Text- Constructions of a “Stone Age” Tribe in the Andaman Islands’ In History Workshop Journal. Spring Issue 67. Pp 173- 193 (Oxford University Journals)
  • Integrated Histories of the Andaman Islands. (co-edited with C.Anderson and M.Mazumdar) Cambridge University Press, UK


  • Approaches to Indian Society
  • Culture and Communication
  • Ethnographic: Methods
  • Research Narratives
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