Madhumita Mazumdar

Madhumita Mazumdar
PhD (Modern History), University of Calcutta, Calcutta
079-68261562 # 2111, FB-2, DA-IICT, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India – 382007 madhumita_mazumdar[at]daiict[dot]ac[dot]in

Social and Cultural History Science, Technology and Design, History of Modernity and Developmental Practice in Colonial and Post-Colonial India, Economic and Social History of Gujarat


  • Clare Anderson, Madhumita Mazumdar, and Vishvajit Pandya -New Histories of the Andaman Islands –Landscape, Place and Identity in the Bay of Bengal 1790—2012,Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2016

Book Chapters and Articles:

  • Madhumita Mazumdar and Vishvajit Pandya, “Dr.Kar I presume?” Medical narratives in the Jarawa Tribal Reserve”, in Guy Attewell and Rohan Debroy (eds) Locating the Medical: Explorations in South Asian History, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2018
  • “Science and the making of a new colonial masculinity in Bengal” in Sumi Krishna and Gita Chadha (Eds) Feminists and Science: Critiques and Changing Perspectives in India Vol 2, SAGE, LA/London/New Delhi
  • “Negotiating Gandhi- The “Life and Experiences” of Acharya P.C.Ray,” in History and Sociology of South Asia, 6 (1), 23-29, SAGE, New Delhi, DOI:1177/223080751100600102
  • “P.C Ray and the Making of an Indian School of Chemistry, Calcutta 1889-1924 in Uma Dasgupta and D. P. Chattopadhyay (eds) History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization vol.XV, Part Four, Science and Modern India 1784- 1947,New Delhi, Pearson Education India.
  • BTech Core – Science, Technology and Society
  • BTech (Open Elective) – Culture, Politics, Identity
  • MDes (Core) – Research Methods, and Writing and Presentation Skills
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