Halls of Residence

There are three Halls of Residence (HoRs), two for Men and the other for Women. The New Men’s HoR has 4 wings labelled L, M, P & R with 476 residents’ capacity having triple and double occupancy rooms. The Men’s HoR has 8 wings labelled A to H. Each wing has about 60 rooms. The total capacity of the 8 wings is about 1025 students on twin sharing basis.

The women’s hall has 2 wings, viz. the J and K wings, with a total capacity of accommodating 400 residents. The women’s wing has a guest room for mother’s stay during medical issues. The lady security staff on 3 shifts ensures safety and discipline round the clock. They also assist in collecting mail for the residents and registering their complaints to be passed on to the proper maintenance personnel.

Continuing Education Program

Continuing Education Program

The rooms are furnished with a bed, table, chair and a cupboard for each occupant. For students using their own computers in the room, internet facility is provided free of cost. Hot water (using geysers), Laundry (dhobis come to collect and deliver clothes) and TV Rooms with D2H are available at all halls of residence.

Residence at the Halls is compulsory for all B.Tech. students. Male post-graduate students are provided rooms subject to availability. All female post-graduate students, who choose to stay on campus, can be provided accommodation in the women’s hall of residence.

A very nice food cafeteria is available on campus for food of hostel residents where variety of food is available at nominal cost.

There is on campus medical centre where two well experienced doctors visit for treating the hostel residents on a stipulated time on all official days. Institute vehicle with driver is available for 24 hours for any medical emergency.

Ragging, gambling in any form, consumption of alcoholic drinks and smoking are strictly prohibited. Any violation of the rules of the halls of residence entails harsh punitive actions including suspension/expulsion from the institute.

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