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Journals/Conferences/books/book chapters :


  • Ahlad Kumar, Riya Saini, Mayank Patel and Vinay S. Palaparthy, Improved Estimation of Leaf Wetness Duration using Deep Learning based Time-Resolution Technique, "IEEE Sensors Journal", 22(24), pp. 24276-24285, 11 November, 2022.


  • Mayank Patel, and Minal Bhise, "MUAR: Maximizing Utilization of Available Resources for Query Processing, " In IEEE/ACM 23rd International Symposium on Cluster,Cloud and Internet Computing Workshops (CCGridW 2023), Bangalore, India, 01-04 May, 2023.
  • Mayank Patel, and Minal Bhise. , "Query Complexity Based Optimal Processing of Raw Data, " In  2022 IEEE 10th Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Conference (R10-HTC). IEEE, 2022., , .
  • Mayank Patel and Minal Bhise, "Raw Data Processing Framework for IoT, " In  11th international Conference on Communication Systems & NETworks (COMSNETS),  Bengaluru, India, 7-11 January, 2019.
  • Utsav Vyas, Parth Panchal, Mayank Patel, and Minal Bhise, "STSDB: Spatio-Temporal Sensor Database for Smart City Query Processing, " In  20th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking (ICDCN 2019), IIS Bangalore, India, 4-7 January, 2019.
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