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Journals/Conferences/books/book chapters :


  • Anjali Diwan, Rajat Sharma, Anil K. Roy, and Suman K. Mitra, Keypoint based comprehensive copy-move forgery detection, "IET Image Processing", 15(6), pp. 1298-1309, December, 2021.


  • Anjali Diwan; Vinod Mall Anil K. Roy and Suman Mitra, "Detection and Localization of Copy-Move Tampering Using Features of Locality Preserving Projection, " In  Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference Image Information Processing, Queen of Hills and Jaypee University of Information Technology (JUIT)Waknaghat, Solan, India, 15-17 November, 2019.
  • Anjali Diwan, Anil K. Roy and Suman K. Mitra, "Locality Preserving Projection Based Multiple Copy-Paste Forgery Detection, " In Proceedings of 2020 IEEE Applied Signal Processing Conference, ASPCON 2020, Kolkata, India, 7-9 October, 2020.

book chapters

  • Anjali Diwan, Purvi A. Koringa, Anil K. Roy, and Suman K. Mitra, "Neighbourhood Projection Embedding Based Image Tampering Detection and Localization", In Babu, R.V., Prasanna, M., Namboodiri, V.P. (ed.), Springer, Singapore, pp. 387–396, ISBN: 978-981-15-8697-2.
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