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Journals/Conferences/books/book chapters :


  • Joshi, Gauri, and Prabhat Ranjan. , Optimizing power and buffer congestion on wireless sensor nodes using cap (coordinated adaptive power) management technique, "International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing", 3(2), pp. , 2011.


  • Joshi Gauri and Prabhat Ranjan, "CAP (Coordinated Adaptive Power) management technique with adaptive threshold policy for wireless sensor nodes, " In Proceedings of APAN (Asia Pacific Advanced Network) Network Research Workshop 2011, Delhi, August, 2011.
  • Joshi Gauri, Sudhanshu Dwivedi, Anshul Goel, Jaideep Mulherkar and Prabhat Ranjan, "Power and buffer overflow optimization in wireless sensor nodes, " In 1st International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (CCSIT), Advanced Computing, Bangalore, 2-4 January, 2011.
  • Joshi Gauri; Jardosh, Sunil and Ranjan, Prabhat, "Multiple access Interference (MAI) and reduction techniques for wireless sensor networks, " In Proceedings of International Center for Radio Science (ICRS-2008), Jodhpur, India, 25-29 February 2008.
  • Jardosh, Sunil; Joshi Gauri and Ranjan, Prabhat, "Dynamic modulation scaling for energy efficient topology control of wireless sensor networks, " In Proceedings of Workshop on Mobile Systems (WoMS 2008), Kolkata, India, 11-12 July 2008.
  • Joshi Gauri, Sunil Jardosh, and Prabhat Ranjan. , "Bounds on dynamic modulation scaling for wireless sensor networks, " In , Allahabad, India, 13-15 December 2007.
  • Joshi Gauri and Ranjan, Prabhat, "Co-ordinated adaptive power (CAP) Management for Wireless Sensor networks, " In Proceedings of International Conference on Sensor Technologies and applications (SENSORCOMM 2007), Valencia, Spain, 14-20 October, 2007.
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