DAIICT Lecture Series (DLS) Talk by Dr. Nishith Tripathi (Virginia Tech)

26/08/2022 - 26/08/2022

DAIICT Lecture Series (DLS) Talk by Dr. Nishith Tripathi (Virginia Tech): Friday, 26th August, 2022 at 4:00 pm.


5G and 6G: Features and Research Opportunities


5G is a transformational technology. This seminar summarizes key features of 5G Release 15 including the New Radio (NR) air interface, NG-RAN, and 5G Core. Major features of Release 16 and 17 such as Integrated Access and Backhaul (IAB), sidelink communications, NR-Unlicensed, NR Positioning, and Non- Terrestrial Network (NTN) are introduced. Vision of 6G is also provided. The seminar gives examples of research areas during the discussions of various 5G and 6G features.


Nishith Tripathi (NT) is a research associate professor at Virginia Tech. NT has 24 years of industry experience at Nortel Networks, Huawei Technologies, and Samsung Research America. He has co-authored the cellular industry’s first-ever multimedia book on 5G, a textbook on Cellular Communications, and a pioneering monograph on the applications of AI in cellular networks. NT has contributed to the 3GPP 5G specifications and carried out the design, operations, testing, and optimization of commercial wireless networks. NT has contributed to FCC, CTIA, GSMA, Scientific American, FTC, EE Times University, and CNN.

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