DAIICT Campus Bird Count

17/02/2024 - 17/02/2024

GBBC India is the Indian implementation of the global Great Backyard Bird Count These annual snapshots of bird populations help answer a variety of important questions, including how birds are distributed across the country, how they are affected by changes in habitat and weather, and whether populations and distributions might be changing from year to year.

The Campus Bird Count is a sub-event of the larger GBBC. It is a coordinated effort to document the birdlife in multiple campuses across India. As a part of this event, we conducted Campus Bird Count in DAIICT campus on Saturday, 17 February morning.

DAIICT campus, spread over 50 acres attracts a large number of birds. Faculty and students participated in the bird count enthusiastically. During this event, we could record around 600 birds spread over 45 species. We are sharing some photographs of this bird count event.

Birders (L to R): (Chaitanya Dahale, Jenson Joseph, Harsh Gajjar, Vaishnavi Singh, Kalgi Gandhi, Minal Bhise, Divya Barve, Parth Mehta, V Sunitha, Tathagata Bandyopadhyay, Sanjay Srivastava, Manas Mahaveer)


Birds (Clockwise): Rose-ringed parakeet, Red-naped ibis, Coppersmith barbet, Spotted owlet, White-throated kingfisher, Brahminy starling

Rose-ringed parakeet
Red-naped ibis
Coppersmith barbet
Spotted owlet
White-throated kingfisher
Brahminy starling
Summer School on Automatic Speech Recognition during July 04-08, 2020
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