Financial Assistance to Full time PhD students of DAIICT for Participation in International Conference

Financial Assistance to Full time PhD students for Participation in International Conference

In order to create a vibrant research ambience, we would like to encourage the student to do good research work. Attending a reputed conference will lead to an increased awareness about the current research eco system in the Institute. The student will get an opportunity to attend tutorial sessions conducted by established international researchers. Apart from this, the student will have an opportunity to interact with other researchers across the globe in his/her area of research and hence a possibility to build a strong international connect.

Who is eligible?

Full time PhD student (Research Scholar) who has successfully completed his/her comprehensive examination and whose paper is submitted to the international conference prior to the defense date. The accepted full paper has to be in a reputed international conference/workshop/symposia in his/her research area and can be either poster or oral. Note that this is applicable only to the conference/workshop/symposia held outside India. The eligible student has to be the first author and the supervisor/s name/s is/are in the author list. A student may avail this benefit only once during his/her entire PhD studies. Student has to compulsorily attend the conference in order to avail the said benefit.

Extent of financial Assistance:

Maximum support up to INR  150000 OR Partial Support up to INR 75000.

The above amounts are to be utilized ONLY for the following: Air Travel, Registration Fees, Visa Fees, and DA (include: local travel, food, and stay). Maximum permissible DA corresponds to INR 5000/day that include the number of days of conference and one day each prefixed and suffixed to the conference.

Research Scholars are strongly encouraged to apply for financial assistance to external funding agencies. If they get the financial assistance from external funding agencies the same amount will be deducted from financial assistance granted by the Institute. The Institute may provide the advance to the student to tide over financial difficulties before the conference if a request comes from the Research Scholar through his/her Guide/s.

How the funding is decided?

A committee constituted by Director will meet regularly to deliberate and recommend to the Director on the applications received. The student may be called to attend the meeting if necessary. The final decision will be conveyed to the student within few days after the meeting.

How to use the Assistance?

The grant can be used ONLY for conference registration, visa, air-travel, hotel, food, local conference travel abroad etc. Students need to book a flight with lowest economy airfare and look for budget accommodation. Hence, it is advisable to plan the journey well in advance. Student may travel by any airline/airlines of their choice suitable to their itinerary.

If the Research Scholar is not able to attend the conference after obtaining advance, he / she should immediately refund the amount to the Institute with proper justification. Failing which, the amount will be deducted from his/her scholarships.

Guidelines for Submission if the student wish to apply for financial Assistance:

The student may look for the following

  • Does the conference have a good reputation? Best conferences are very selective with low acceptance ratio.
  • Which conference provide best opportunity to meet researchers that could be interested in his/her research area.
  • Does the proceedings are published by reputed publishers?
  • Ranking of the conference published by a reputed researcher/Institute
  • Reputation of the program committee members
  • Clearly stated peer review process etc.

How to apply:

Student has to send the application containing the following, through Guide/s to satyabir_singh[at]daiict[dot]ac[dot]in (secretary to Dean AP and Dean R&D) with a copy to dean_reaserach[at]daiict[dot]ac[dot]in in a zipped file.

After returning from the conference, the student has to prepare a technical report including the details on: technical sessions attended, researchers he/she met and their areas of interest, possibilities of future technical collaboration with those researchers. The report has to be mailed to the committee members and the resource center within 2 weeks from the end date of conference. In addition, the student has to give a technical talk to the other student researchers at DAIICT that also covers his/her experience about the visit within one month after his return from the conference.

Settlement of the Financial Assistance:

Submit settlement of financial assistance granted by the Institute (by listing all the expenses incurred in an orderly manner and duly enclosing all supporting documents and original bills and receipts) within 10 days after the conference to the Secretary Dean AP and Dean R&D.

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