Jahnvi Trivedi of M.Des 2021 batch shines through the Firki Ni Dori Film at the Green Frames: VATAVARAN Short Film Competition and Festival.


Jahnvi Trivedi was an M.Des student of the 2021 batch. Her film "Firki Ni Dori" has been nominated in the Civil Society Groups & Amateur category at the Green Frames: VATAVARAN Short Film Competition & Festival. Out of 758 film submissions, "Firki Ni Dori" is among the 47 films chosen by the esteemed Nomination Jury for this year's festival nominations. "Firki Ni Dori" was Jahnvi's final year documentary project, mentored by Prof. Anirban Duttagupta and Prof. Binita Desai. Which delves into the aftermath of kite flying festivals, spotlighting the unfortunate fate of thousands of birds, including several endangered species, that suffer injuries annually. This documentary aims to raise awareness about the environmental repercussions of such festivities and the impact on our avian companions. With minimal precautions, we can effectively safeguard lives and contribute to the well-being of our avian counterparts.

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