Smoking Prohibition

Smoking Prohibition

1. Anti-alcohol, smoking and other bad practices related rules:

The following bad habits and illegal acts are strictly prohibited in the campus:

  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks (Parents and students must note that prohibition is enforced in the state of Gujarat. Therefore anybody is reported for breaking this law will face the appropriate consequences under the law of the land also.)
  • Smoking
  • Usages of any form of intoxicants and
  • Any form of gambling.

2. Any person found guilty of the same, would face strict disciplinary action (minimum is expulsion from the Halls of Residence).

3. The entire campus is declared as a "No smoking zone" for students.

4. In case a student is found smoking1 on the campus, (s) he would be given a warning and counseled against repeating the act. I f the same student is found to be repeating the same act, then (s) he would be charged a fine of Rs. 500 (rupees five hundred onl y) and his/her parents/guardians would be informed about the same. Any further repeat of the same would result in the expulsion of the resident from the HoR and/or reporting the matter to the Disciplinary Action Committee (DAC).

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1Finding cigarette butts in the room, outside the window and presence of a strong smell of cigarette smoke in the room, are adequate reasons for the hostel authorities to initiate action against the residents of that room.
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