Algorithms and Theory of Computation

Research Overview

Theoretical Computer Science is a discipline at the interface between Mathematics and Computer Science. Work in theoretical computer science often fuels major advances in the world of computer technology, allied industrial endeavours and often contributes to the development of rich mathematical ideas. It focuses on developing mathematical tools applicable to computer science. The applicability is enabled by modelling various aspects of computer science in an abstract framework. A collection of some of the important subjects that fall in this discipline could be: Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Formal Specification & Verification, Graph Theory, Mathematical Logic, Models of Computation. The members of this group at DA-IICT, work on a wide subset of these areas both in the form of teaching courses as well as research.


  • Prof. Jaideep Mulherkar: Quantum Computation and Information, Quantum Spin Systems, Mathematical Finance
  • Prof. Manish Gupta: Information processing in Biology, Bio-Molecular (DNA, Membrane, Cell) Computing, Coding and Information Theory, Cryptology, Quantum Computing, Computational, Structural, Systems and Synthetic Biology and Bioinformatics
  • Prof. Manoj Raut: Mathematical Logic
  • Prof. Puneet Bhateja: Formal verification and testing
  • Prof. Rahul Muthu: My research work is broadly in the areas of Algorithms and Graph Theory. Problems I am currently working on are:
    • Weight Assignment and counting minimum spanning trees in the resulting weighted graphs
    • Realization Graphs an their characterization
  • Dr. Supantha Pandit: Theoretical Computer Science, Computational Geometry, Approximation Algorithms, Distributed Computing
  • Prof. Sunitha V: Theory, Algorithms (Parallel, Distributed, Dynamic), Applications of Graphs

Research Groups and Labs

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Sponsored Research

Faculty Handbook

PI/Co-PI Project Title Funding Agency Duration Amount
Prof. Jaideep Mulherkar (PI), Prof. Gautam Datta (Co-PI) Implementation Techniques of Discrete and Continuous Time Quantum Random Walks and their Applications Govt of India, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology 3 Years (15.3.2022) Rs. 23,11,595
Prof. Rahul Muthu (Co-PI) Knowledge Compilation in Modal and Multimodal Logic NBHM 2014-16 Rs 6,84,200/-
Prof. Sunitha V Teachers Association for Research Excellence (TARE) - 3 Years (27.2.2019) 18.30 lakh
Dr. Supantha Pandit (Co-PI) Efficient Distributed Computation of Independent and Dominating Sets in Geometric Graphs SERB, DST 3 years Rs. 21.49 lakhs

Current Publications

Prof. Jaideep Mulherkar

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Prof. Manish K. Gupta

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Prof. Manoj Raut

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Prof. Puneet Bhateja

  • P. Bhateja, Asynchronous test equivalence over timed processes.
    Theoretical Aspects of Software Engineering, July 2023, Bristol UK.
  • P. Bhateja, Determining asynchronous test equivalence for probabilistic processes.
    Information Processing Letters, Volume 177, August 2022
  • P. Bhateja, Asynchronous test equivalence for probabilistic processes.
    Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference, December 2021, Taipei Taiwan.

Prof. Rahul Muthu

  • Exactly k MSTs: How many vertices suffice?
    Apratim Dutta, Rahul Muthu, anuj tawari, Sunitha V
    The 16th Annual International Conference on Combinatorial Optimization and Applications COCOA, 2023, Hawaii, USA
  • Maximum colored Trees in Edge-Colored graphs.
    V. Borozan, W. Fernandez de la Vega, Y. Manoussakis, Carlos A.J. Martinhon, Rahul Muthu, Hong-Phong Pham and Rachid Saad, European Journal of Combinatorics, Volume 80, pgs. 296-310, 2019.
  • Algorithms and Discrete Applied Mathematics
    Editors: Amitabha Bagchi and Rahul Muthu
    LNCS proceedings of the 9th CALDAM Conference, DA-IICT, Gandhinagar

Dr. Supantha Pandit

  • Apurva Mudgal and Supantha Pandit , Generalized class cover problem with axis-parallel strips, Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications, 2023, Article in press
  • Supantha Pandit, Covering and packing of triangles intersecting a straight line. Disctere Applied Mathematics 2022, volume 319, pp. 92-110.
  • Joseph S. B. Mitchell and Supantha Pandit, Minimum Membership Covering and Hitting, Theoretical Computer Science, Volume 876, 2021, pp. 1-11.

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Prof. Sunitha V

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