Humanities, Social Sciences and Design


  • Prof. Bharani Kollipara: Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Modernism
  • Prof. Jenson Joseph: Media Studies, New Media Cultures, Digital Media Ecology, Film Studies, Malayalam Cinema, South Asian Popular Culture.
    I work in the areas of Media Studies and Film Studies. My current research focuses are on:
    • Contemporary transformations in media cultures in India, and
    • The aesthetic shifts in film cultures in India post 1990s, with a special focus on the new wave of films in Malayalam.
    In the coming years, I plan to take up a research project that looks at the long history of the notion of privacy in India, and the ways in which it has mutated in the public imagination after the emergence and popularity of the digital media ecology. I plan to chart the political and cultural implications of this transformation by paying attention to the shifts in popular practices of media and their impact on longstanding notions about the private, the interior, and the individual subject by extension. The project, the results of which I plan to collate in a manuscript, will approach the issue from the vantage points of data, digital economy, the New Media ecology and the recent Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023 that the Indian state passed.
  • Prof. Madhumita Mazumdar: Social and Cultural History Science, Technology and Design, History of Modernity and Developmental Practice in Colonial and Post-Colonial India, Economic and Social History of Gujarat
  • Prof. Purbasha Das: My current research brings together my interest in the history of transport and communication, urban history, economic history and legal history. The aim is to understand the connection between the development of public transport and the standard of living of people in urban areas of India. Some of the issues that the research looks into is the affordability of transport, the legality of monopolies and tgovernment safeguards provided for developing public transport.
  • Prof. Ratna Bharati Bhamidipati: Diaspora , Transnationalism, Migrant Subjectivity
  • Prof. Shefali Jha: Political Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Feminist Theory, Film Studies, Literary and Visual Cultures in South Asia
  • Prof. Vishvajit Pandya: Material Culture, Design and Communication Culture, Visual Anthropology, Anthropology of Space, Rituals and History with specific reference to Colonialism South East Asia

Research Overview

The Humanities, Social Sciences and Design group is an interdisciplinary community of distinguished scholars working across the disciplines of Anthropology, Philosophy, Political Theory, Literary Studies, Visual Culture, Economics, History, Cultural Studies and Design. A broad commitment to teaching and researching the diversity of social life and human endeavour underlies this range of specialisations and methodological approaches.

While the undergraduate Core curriculum includes courses such as Approaches to Indian Society, Introductory/Development Economics and Science & Technology Studies, later students may choose from a range of electives on Visual Anthropology, Gender Studies and Modern Philosophy. The MDes in Communication Design curriculum further includes modules on the History of Design as well as Narratology and Photography to provide students with a wider perspective on their chosen subject.

In addition, a well-funded PhD program offers doctoral candidates an opportunity to work closely with the faculty members of their choice in a supportive and resource-rich environment.

Aside from teaching and research, faculty at HSS & Design also work with civil society groups and government agencies, especially in order to shape public policy for the benefit of marginalized communities.

Current Publications

Prof. Bharani Kollipara

Prof. Jenson Joseph

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Prof. Madhumita Mazumdar

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Prof. Purbasha Das

  • ‘Horn Please: The Evolution and Regulation of Traffic in Twentieth-Century India’, The Indian Economic & Social History Review, 60(4), 2023, pp. 381-410.
  • Book Review, 'Re-evaluating Transport and Mobility History', Transfers, Vol. 12, Issue 1, Spring 2022.
  • ‘Moving Delhi: Traffic and Transport in an Early Twentieth Century City', Proceedings of the Indian History Congress, Vol. 78, 2017, pp. 541–48. JSTOR, https://www.jstor.org/stable/26906124.

Prof. Ratna Bharati Bhamidipati

Prof. Shefali Jha

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Prof. Vishvajit Pandya

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